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Our Mission Statement

(This is what matters most to us)
Kaizen is a place.....

  • Where children are happy, enthusiastic, active learners.
  • Where families are supportive, positive and encouraging.
  • Where staff are empowered and committed to enabling and motivating children, each other and the community.
  • Where the governors are active, challenging and involved.

Our Beliefs

(This is why those things matter most to us)
We believe...

  • That people learn best when they feel happy, safe and motivated.
  • That learning is a joyous active process that involves everyone.
  • That all children and adults should be supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential.
  • That all children and adults are of equal worth.

Our Aims

(This is how we are going to make it happen)
We aim…

  • To reach the highest standards in all subjects and key stages by matching the needs of the learners and the content of the learning.
  • To develop children’s engagement with the world.
  • To maintain a staff team that works collaboratively to develop and promote the school as a centre of reflective practitioners who positively impact learning.
  • To encourage strong home school links so parents and carers can be active partners in their children’s learning.
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