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Kaizen’s School Council


Purpose and roleThe role of Kaizen’s School Council is to build children’s confidence and self-esteem as representatives of not only their class, but also the school. By taking a lead in such decision making, children develop their ability to take responsibility and lead others. In addition, this also develops the children’s capacity to listen, empathise and work collaboratively with other children as well as the adults within the school and wider community.

The council also provides a sense of belonging and larger purpose for the children as they gain an influence upon their surroundings. The democratic system is integral to the School Council, and the process of preparing campaigns, making speeches, and deciding who to vote for is demonstrated throughout the whole school.

The School Council is elected at the start of the Autumn term each year, as well as Head Boy and Head Girl elections.  Once elected the children are provided with a badge that they should wear at all times as they are the representatives for their class.

This means that if the children have any issues they wish to raise - such as areas of the school that they think need developing, or ideas of what they think could be done to improve the school - they approach their class School Councillors who raise the issue at a meeting.

A Suggestion Box is part of the School Council display which allows children to raise issues anonymously, or if a School Councillor is unavailable. The school council meets regularly and during these meetings the children put forward any ideas or concerns that their fellow students have brought to their attention. This feedback is then given to teachers and other members of staff within the school, and staff work together with the Council to undertake any work needed.

Other duties and tasks:

· Meeting once a term with the Headteacher

· Raising money for charity events and good causes

· Presentations about what they have done in the term

· Assisting with the school council display board

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