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Vision and Values

Kaizen – meaning small steps to big dreams – is a dynamic, outstanding school.  As part of Eko Trust we work with vigour to ensure all our children have the best possible start in their learning and at every stage of their educational transition.  Our 5 key values drive everything we do. 


Our 5 Cs


We ensure that through successful learning experiences children build their confidence, not only academically but socially too. Our holistic curriculum which is designed to develop the whole child ensures that all children leave Kaizen confident for their secondary school experience. Our focus on wellbeing and small steps learning, means our children feel successful every day. Residential visits start in Year 4 with camping on the school field, Year 5 Fairplay House (outdoor adventure centre) and a week in France in Year 6. All of these experiences further develop childrens’ confidence in independence and resilience.



Team Kaizen has ongoing excellent professional development based on educational research. We are a research school that ensures our ways of teaching and our ethos is based on good quality research. Everything we do is chosen, knowing that it will have the best impact on children’s learning and well being. We are committed to working hard and giving our children the best experiences. Our family support is far reaching, from supporting parents with how to support their children at home, to helping with housing issues. We want children to love coming to school and families to feel the support is there when needed.


We work in creative ways with everything we do. We are not afraid to change something if we feel it’s not working well enough. We work with all the other schools in our Trust, as well as supporting schools beyond our Trust with school improvement projects. We creatively problem solve and seek feedback from children, families and external colleagues.  Being an outstanding school is not about thinking we’ve got the label and we’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done. Being outstanding means we are relentless in always seeking to further improve what we do.



Team Kaizen works with many smaller teams within the school. Kaizen has 3 Mini Schools with a Mini School Leader that supports their team, the children and their families. This structure ensures that each Mini School works incredibly closely with each other and their families. Relationships are key to ensuring families know us and we know them. These positive, supportive relationships are what Kaizen is built on. Staff at Kaizen receive excellent support to ensure they offer the best curriculum and provision. Teams and subject leaders work incredibly hard to ensure the curriculum is continually refined to meet the needs of all the children. We offer high quality English and maths teaching, as well as an excellent curriculum of all primary subjects. These include teaching French from nursery, having an excellent sports coach and a Forest School curriculum.


Caring relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Kaizen. We do everything with love, based on what each child and family needs from us. We follow the Thrive approach to child development; fully understanding children’s emotional needs. Our positive behaviour policy is based on the relationships we have with children, focusing on promoting and modelling positive behaviour which we believe comes from the relationship our children have with us. We listen and understand the needs of our children, families and staff to ensure that what we do is done for the benefit of everyone. The Leadership team is proactive and visible for everyone when needed, ensuring that what we do comes from a place of kindness and care.

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