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Forest School at Kaizen Primary

We are extremely fortunate to have an amazing outdoor space consisting of a field, allotment, pond and orchard. This enables us to give all of our children additional opportunities to develop and grow, while getting a better understanding of the world around them.

Forest School is one part of what we are able to offer, being an outdoor, nature-based learning experience. It helps children develop many skills that are hard to teach in the classroom. It is physical, so it encourages children to be active. Through child led activities they learn to assess, appreciate and take risks, making sensible, informed decisions about how to overcome challenges.

They learn to be self-sufficient and are able to take care of themselves as well as supporting others, which boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Through trial and error they start to deal with failure and develop the resilience to keep trying. The skills learnt outside translate perfectly into the classroom.

As well as Forest School, our creative team of teachers frequently enhance the  classroom experience by bringing their lessons outside, encouraging curiosity, exploration and play. This can bring alive the learning for a great many children who find the classroom setting daunting.

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Regular use of our outdoor space has helped us support children in many ways, not just with their access to learning, but also with how they approach their lives.

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