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We are a Thrive School of Excellence

Thrive School of Excellence Logo 2022 Digital
Thrive Excellence in Right-time 2021 - print version
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This shows that the whole school is leading on Thrive: 
Support Staff
and Admin
All staff take an active role in the implement of Thrive throughout the school

We also run Family Thrive 

   A six-week course to introduce you to the fundamentals of Thrive and how it works in practice.

   Come on this course to find out about:

  • The Thrive Approach.
  • How our brains develop.
  • How your right brain talks to your left brain!
  • Why play and creativity are so important to you and your child.
  • How to support your child at times of change and difficulty.
  • Everyday trigger times and how to keep calm.
  • How to be a behaviour detective.

Please book your place at the Main Office - Contact either Mrs Bird or Mr Summers for further information. 

The course is run by a Thrive-approved course leader who is an experienced licensed practitioner. It is suitable for you if your child attends a setting that embraces a whole setting approach to Thrive. To book your place or to find out more, please contact:

To find out more about Thrive and other courses on offer, please visit:  www.thriveapproach.co.uk

At Kaizen we don’t just run Thrive sessions for individual children, we also assess every child in the school from Year 1 to Year 6. 

We screen the children 3 times a year to see where children are in their developmental progress and create action plans where needed to support all children to reach their goals. 

Thrive is not what we do. Thrive is who we are!!

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