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Senior Leadership Team
Ms Sims Headteacher
Mrs Walker Trainee Headteacher, Strategic Lead for EYFS, English & Inclusion
Mr Cherry Trainee Headteacher, Strategic Lead for Wellbeing , RSHE, PE & Sport
Ms Mohammad Trainee Headteacher, Strategic Lead for Y5/Y6, Quality of Teaching & Learning, CPD, Assessment & Maths
Ms Simmonds Trainee Headteacher, Strategic Lead for Y2, Y3, Y4, Curriculum
Year Group & Subject Leaders
Mr Garfield Senior Teacher Y2, Year Group Leader, Curriculum Lead
Ms Prempeh Senior Teacher Y6, Year Group Leader, Assessment & Computing Lead
Ms Mohinani Senior Teacher Y3, Year Group Leader, SENDCo
Ms Reid Senior Teacher Y4, Year Group Leader, SENDCo
Mrs Majid Senior Teacher Y1, Year Group Leader, Early Education Lead
Ms Chapat Senior Teacher Y4, Leader of MFL
Ms Reedy Teacher Y4, Leader of English
Mrs Bagan Teacher Y3, Leader of English
Mrs Capdevila Teacher Reception, Co-Year Group Leader, Leader of Art
Mrs Krzewska Teacher Reception, Co-Year Group Leader
Ms Begum Teacher Y5, Year Group Leader, Leader of D&T
Ms Kamal Teacher Y6, Leader of Science
Ms Powell Teacher Y6, Leader of RE
Mrs Francis Teacher Y2, Leader of Happy School, School Council
Ms Allen Teacher PE, Leader of Sports & PE
Ms Carvalho Specialist Teacher of Dyslexia
Ms Akhtar Teacher Nursery
Mrs Rouf Teacher Y1
Ms Shahjahan Teacher Y1
Ms Islam Teacher Y3
Ms Chujor Teacher Y5
Support Staff Leaders
Ms Campbell Senior Administrator Lead
Mr Summers Senior Pastoral Lead
Ms Bayley Senior Inclusion Lead
Ms Dredge Leader of Attendance & Operational Administration
Mrs Bird Learning Mentor
Additional Pastoral Team Members
Ms Leckenby Learning Mentor for Forest School Practitioner
Additional Administrave Team Members
Ms Raulinaityte Receptionist & Operational Administration
Mrs Nolan Resource Manager
Adults that Support Learning (ASL)
Ms Raja Early Educator
Ms Azam Early Educator
Ms Aktar Early Educator
Ms Begum Early Educator
Ms Raja Early Educator/After School Club Playleader
Mrs Tillet HLTA Y2
Ms Lara Year Group ASL/Playleader
Ms Miah Year Group ASL
Ms Gent Year Group ASL/Playleader
Ms Calder Year Group ASL
Inclusion ASL Team
Ms Thomas ASL
Ms Baltgaile ASL
Ms Maamari ASL
Ms Foreman ASL
Ms Paderwala ASL
Ms Collier ASL
Ms Akhtar ASL
Lunchtime Team
Ms Tuck Midday Supervisor/ASL/Breakfast & After School Club Playleader
Ms Huckle Midday Supervisor/ASL
Mrs Ramsukul Midday Supervisor/ASL
Ms Ceaser Midday Supervisor/ASL/Breakfast & After School Club Playleader
Ms Ancilleri Midday Supervisor/ASL
Additional Breakfast & After School Club Team
Ms Forbes Playleader


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