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Home Learning During School Closure

Whilst your child is at home, it’s important that they continue to learn.


Your child will need a device to be able to access home learning. Please call our helpline
(07904 862881) if you feel your child is unable to access their learning. 

    Your child needs a quiet space to concentrate and some basic resources, eg. pencils, pens, paper.


  Children in Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can access all of their learning through Google Classroom    and get specific feedback from their teacher.  As well as additional links to websites in their                                        year group page on the website.


     Children in Year 1, Reception and Nursery can access their learning through EvidenceMe.


The minimum expectation is that children read every day, complete some English and maths learning and one other subject.

Learning can be many other things too.

You’ll find lots of other ideas on specific year group pages on the website.

We don’t want to add additional pressure to families during this time, so we ask for feedback from you, as to whether our learning is working for your child.


We’re here for you!

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